My sweet beloved, princess of the night
I cut my name into your heart to always
Remember your soft skin an your taste on my lips
Be mine now and here

My sweet beloved, emperor of my heart
Your flesh is my desire that I cannot withstand

My sweet beloved, queen of darkness
I took you away from your pain, away from the mortal
To build you a caste made from the stones of my past
You will never fall away from me again
My obsession brought us here
But your passion is still full of fear
Take my strong hands when I walk away into space
Fell my cold pulse and
Take the spacewalk with me

My sweet beloved, you are the one for me
I don't exist when you don't see me because I adore you so
My blood burns in my veins when I run through the night
Restless but determinated

Now I fell you and you feel me, fell the cold steal
That will unite us on our trip
Into infinity
To reach the sun and melt with the stars forever