Supersonic Fire

When the night spreads through the open sky
Hollow eyes glowing in the darkness
Showing me a path through the cold clouds
Leaving the limits of cruelty behind me

Into the nightshade you cry my name
When I invoke the supersonic fire
And you sacrifice a virgin to the demons of lust.
The storm will kill me tonight, I feel its strength
When I fall away - just the taste of warm blood is left
Celebrating the triumph of unholyness.

As my visions come true this night
A spiral of irreality brings me down,
Dividing me into elements of timeless energy
Reality does not exist
Because resistance is just the darkish side
Of eternal dust

After I had reached the last star of the universe
The supersonic fire - the creation of a black god
Merges into a stream of demonical spirit
Behind the mirror of infinity bringing me true deliverance.