Like Gods

Life is just an Illusion, that ends
When candle's light goes out.

Blood is like a face in the mirror,
that disintegrates into infinity.

When I'm near death's hands,
he'll bring aim in my sad existence.

I feel the adrenaline like a rebellion
Into the last chapter I enter, o'Lord!
Be a slave of my illusions
When the trip into a groundless fire starts.

Take out the cold blade
Of an forgotten decade
that brings back my old strength
and guides me into the night

When I feel the beauty of the snow-covered wasteland,
a feeling of freedom arises - growing in my emotionless heart

emptiness will be filled with noise
the sound of a neverending war
when a legion of mercylessness will resurrect

my dark queen, princess of the land of shadows
come to me, melt will me and fulfil the prophecy
to become gods