The Dark and the Unseen
A New Dimension of existence
Waiting for me to hold my soul

The coldness hear my cries
My cries without a word
The darkside in my Heart
Let the Blood stand still

Like a Hammer on the wall
Like a dark cloud in the dust

A voice of uncreation
Blackened my mind
Like a subconscious deathwish
The voices in my head
Soft voices like a total recall of Life

When I see my letters on the stone
The sand beneath the grave
An Earthquake in my soul
The beast wants to be out

When I see my letters on the stone
The Sand beneath the grave
Time will never hurt my soul
But Darkness is my only Friend

My end near as my visions come true this night,
Alone here I am waiting to die…

Now here I stand to complete my Fate
The time has come to finish my pains

See the Blood on my hands

The iron will have it's fate
To fulfil his command
To fulfil his end
To Fall and Fade away

Now silence