Temple of my demon

Streams of anguish floating my veins
Forcing the curse to fulfil night by night.
I close my eyes and let the unknown carry my will
Deep into the mountain spirit.
Alone I cry when a voice whispers my name
Out of an atmosphere of desperation.
The moonlight illuminates my face full of blood
When my my hands subbcumb by the might of my demon bright.

Now the time has come to merge into my black goddess
My dark Beauty , Emperor of my Philos
And Aim of my existence
Entering the temple of my demon bright
Strengthening my evil convictions
Like a flame in the morbidity of my heart
To reign in unimaginable sins

I open the portal of my temple escorted
By the unrestfull desires of my flesh
Shadows surrounding me when I conquer
the land of my enemies with blood stained hands
Like a drop of time falling in a ocean of eternity
A Light will arise blinding my eyes
To bring deliverance to me
Until death will close my eyes full of bitterness' tears